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FAQs About Steel Buildings

What are the benefits of a steel building?

Steel buildings are resistant to mold, mildew and termites reducing your mantaince cost. Steel buildings can be completed faster than traditional stick frame construction meaning you have use of the building sooner and less disruption to your property.

How does the cost of a steel building compare to traditional construction?

Steel buildings are typically cheaper than traditional construction in both the cost of the materials and the time it takes to complete the project.

Why Campbell Steel Buildings Inc?

Based in Lubbock, TX, Campbell Steel Buildings Inc. has been designing, fabricating and erecting steel buildings since 1967.

How long does it take to receive a building?

The building kit can typically be fabricated and shipped in 3-6 weeks.

Can a Campbell Steel Buildings building be expanded?

Buildings can be designed with the intention to be expanded at a later time. (Due to building code changes some buildings that were originally designed to be expanded may not be able to)

Can a steel building be insulated?

Yes, there are multiple options for insulating a steel building. Insulation can be sprayed on or traditional rolled insulation can be used. Please ask your sales representative about pricing and availability.

Can I erect a steel building myself?

Yes! Depending on the size of your Campbell Steel Buildings building it can be erected with only a few tools and some help from friends. Included with every building is a detailed illustrated construction manual. Campbell Steel Buildings Inc. also offers erection services. Please ask your sales representative about pricing and availability.

How long does it take for Campbell Steel Buildings Inc. to erect a building?

Campbell Steel Buildings Inc. can typically erect 1200 square feet per day.

Is Campbell Steel Buildings Inc. a general contractor?

Campbell Steel Buildings Inc. is not a general contractor; however, since 1967 we have developed working relationships with plumbers, electricians and framers that can assist you with other parts of your building project.

Are the clips welded in place?

Most clips are welded in place and those that are not are clearly marked as to their location.